Good Stock Forecast in Indonesia on this Monday

Business – The domestic stock business world is expected to experience a slight pressure on some trading sectors on Monday, September 20, 2021.

One of the JCI shares on Friday experienced a drop of 0.38 percent or 23.30 points, where they were at the level of 6,133.24. Investors from outside have made a record of their net buying actions up to Rp 458.80 billion. With such a record purchase, of course, the JCI in the past week can be considered to be strengthening up to 0.63 percent compared to a few weeks ago.

The low sentiment followed by the slowdown in the economic cycle that has occurred can still be said to be a challenge for every issuer that plays in the capital market. In the view of Wiliang Surya Wijaya, who now serves as CEO of PT Indosurya Sekuritas, said that the IHSG is still seen in a low pressure pattern.

In his daily research, the CEO also gives the view that every investor can see opportunities in medium, long and short-term investments because at this time there are still not very visible factors that will increase the JCI in the future.

According to him, the fluctuating movements that occur in the JCI can be used for trading or short-term investments.

Indosura Bersinar Sekuritas recommends stocks that can be observed on Monday, including BBCA, BBNI, ASII, TLKM, WIKA, MYOR, and EXCL.

Meanwhile, the JCI also tends to be difficult to predict ahead of the important Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting which will be held on September 21-22 2021.

Henan Putihrai Sekuritas Senior Technical Analyst, Liza Camelia Suryanata, said that the recent JCI movement is difficult to predict. According to him, market players are still waiting nervously regarding the tapering schedule by the US central bank which will be set next week.

“We put our hopes on the support at 6,090 to 6,080 to block the weakening of the current trend and turn it into a downtrend. So if at the end of this week the JCI can stay above 6,100, we are quite happy,” he told Bisnis on Friday (17/9/2021).

According to him, in the medium term the JCI tends to experience an upward trend. He hopes the resistance level of 6,140 can be exceeded soon. That way, the next resistance level, 6.170, will be easy to reach until it breaks through 6.260, it won’t be too difficult anymore.